Director of Kosovo Customs: There have been attempts to import dinars through Jarinje, but that was not allowed

Source: Kosovo Online

Director of Kosovo Customs, Agron Llugaliu, stated today that since the new Regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo had come into force, there had been no entries of dinars into Kosovo, although there had been several attempts to do so, Reporteri reports.

Llugaliu, while presenting a report to the Budget and Finance Committee, said that nothing could be implemented without the authorization of the CBK.

"As for the import of dinars, we had a plan to address the legality of the dinar. We studied this issue and initiated it with the CBK. The CBK Regulation addressed the issue of money transfers for all operators. The new regulation specifies what is allowed and what is not. Nothing can be done without the authorization of the CBK," he said.

He added that there had been several attempts to bring the dinar into Kosovo, but this had not been allowed.

"We had two cases at the Jarinje crossing, but the import of dinars was not permitted. We informed them that any import of money must be done in accordance with the CBK Regulation," Llugaliu said.