Djuric on the ban of Serbian goods in Kosovo: Another dark anniversary...

Source: Kosovo Online

With the ban on Serbian goods in Kosovo, the ethnonationalist regime of Albin Kurti has further exacerbated the already unbearable living conditions for Serbs in Kosovo, and the international community should urgently put an end to such extremist behavior, said Serbian Foreign Minister Marko Djuric.

Regarding the one-year anniversary of the ban on goods from central Serbia to Kosovo, Djuric stated on the social network "X":

"Another dark anniversary today."

"Exactly one year ago, on June 14, 2023, Kurti's ethnonationalist regime – consumed by bitterness towards everything Serbian – decided to pour oil on the fire, further worsening the already unbearable living conditions for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija by banning the entry of Serbian goods into the territory under his regime's control," Djuric noted.

He pointed out that the repercussions of this decision, as another in a series of unilateral moves by Pristina aimed at the violent expulsion of ethnic minorities, are primarily harmful to the Serbian population, but also to Albanians and non-Albanian communities living in Kosovo.

"Not only is this a gross violation of basic human rights, but it is also a violation of numerous agreements, including the CEFTA agreement, which should alert the democratic and freedom-loving international community and urge it to take urgent action to finally put an end to Kurti's extremist behavior and the continued persecution of the Serbian people," added the Serbian foreign minister.