Gashi: The Kosovo government cannot even go to sea in the US, while the Serb List has meetings in Washington

Dardan Gaši
Source: Ekonomia Online

Analyst Dardan Gashi stated that Prime Minister Albin Kurti had put the Kosovo government in a position where they could not even "go to sea in the US," Dukadjini reports.

Gashi commented on yesterday's meeting of Serb List representatives Igor Simic and Slavko Simic with the US Special Representative for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, in Washington, saying that Kurti is to blame for the Albanian politicians from Kosovo facing an embargo on such meetings.

He added that Kosovo had never been in the current position in its relations with the US.

"The Kosovo government is under sanctions and cannot even go to sea in the US, that's the situation our friend Kurti has brought us to. Terrible. It has always been the opposite. We used to go to Washington, while Serbia couldn't even go to the airport," Gashi said.