Krtinic: Citizens in Leposavic failed to submit a petition request

Smena specijalne policije u Leposaviću
Source: Kosovo Online

Sanja Krtinic, who submitted a request on behalf of a group of citizens to initiate a petition for the removal of the mayor in North Mitrovica, told Kosovo Online that citizens today had failed to submit the same request in Leposavic because the Chairman of the Municipal Assembly had not been present in the Municipality, and the mayor had not allowed the request to be received.

Krtinic emphasized that today requests had been submitted in three municipalities, namely in North Mitrovica, Zvecan, and Zubin Potok, and that only in Leposavic the petition had not been accepted.

She stated that the submission of the request would be repeated until it was accepted.

"Citizens went to submit the request, however, there was no Chairman of the Municipal Assembly in Leposavic, and the mayor did not allow the request to be received, for reasons unknown to me. Only in Leposavic, the request was not accepted. Since we managed to submit the request in other municipalities, I believe that this will be repeated until this request is accepted", Krtinic said.