Offices of the Freedom, Democracy, and Justice party in North Mitrovica burglarized

Sedište Stranke sloboda i pravda
Source: Kosovo Online

Unknown individuals broke into the headquarters of the Freedom, Democracy, and Justice party, of the late politician Oliver Ivanovic, during the previous night, and replaced the locks on the entrance doors of the building where the party is located.

The Investigative Unit of the Kosovo Police conducted an inspection, Ksenija Bozovic, the deputy of the former leader of the Freedom, Democracy, and Justice party, Oliver Ivanovic, confirmed to Kosovo Online.

Bozovic emphasized in a statement to our portal that the break-in of the Freedom, Democracy, and Justice party offices had disturbed her and her associates when they had arrived at their workplaces at the party this morning.

"The offices were broken into, locks were changed on both the first and second floors, where even a padlock was placed. We see that there are pillars in front of the building that belong to us, and they were probably placed with the intention of removing our flag. This is terrible whoever did this. The least they could do is to inform us or family members, but nobody informed us," Bozovic said.

She emphasizes that the Kosovo Police were immediately notified, conducting an investigation and informing them that there were certain traces at the scene.

"This is yet another shameful pressure and blow; we are disappointed. We couldn't install cameras because we were told that the judicial process was ongoing and that we must not touch anything. So, we cannot, yet someone can come and do such things. I don't know who could have done this considering that a man died here and the process is still ongoing, and we still don't know who did it," Bozovic concluded.