Pensioners in North Mitrovica cannot withdraw their pensions: We don't have money for food or medicine

Penzioneri ispred Pošte u Severnoj Mitrovici
Source: Kosovo Online

Pensioners from North Mitrovica gathered in front of the Post Office intending to withdraw their pensions, but they were unsuccessful because there were no dinars available at the counters, as a result, they are appealing to the international community to intervene against the decision of the Central Bank of Kosovo to abolish the dinar, as they don't have funds for food or medicine, as stated in an interview with Kosovo Online.

Pensioner Ilija Pelevic stated to our portal that this was the last straw.

"This is the ultimate warning to the government of Pristina, Kurti, Osmani, and others that they must resolve the issue by next week. Many pensioners haven't received their pension even last month. I have ten grandchildren, six children, and seven sons-in-law, totaling 24 of us. Eight of us receive salaries at Komercijalna Banka, which is closed and relocated to Raska. It's allowed to receive compensation here via Komercijalna Banka, but there's no money here either. Initially, they gave us 5,000 dinars and said they could only give us euros. Now, it's even harder because the euros are also gone, so they don't have euros to give us anymore," Pelevic said.

He adds that the most difficult situation is faced by immobile pensioners whose pensions are delivered to their doorstep.

"These are people who receive care and assistance from others, immobile pensioners, pensioners with disabilities, and people with developmental disabilities; they are the most endangered. I have four cases where I deliver money for care and assistance through the mail carrier, and two of them received it the day before yesterday, while three are yet to receive their payments," our interlocutor emphasized.

One of the gathered individuals, Dragica Ilic, emphasized that the decision by Pristina had endangered all pensioners to the extent that they didn't have their hard-earned dinars anymore.

"We can't even buy a kilogram of potatoes, onions, a loaf of bread, milk, not to mention medicines. The decision is terrible, and that's why I would appeal to everyone who can influence to revoke it so that we can live. It is essential for us to have income; it is an existential issue necessary for our survival," Ilic stated.

Jovanka Lecic stated that the elderly citizens had gathered because their incomes had been deprived.

"It has come to the point where pensioners don't even have enough for medicines, let alone for groceries. We have gathered to appeal to the international community and all people of goodwill to put an end to this tyranny and impertinence of Kurti and his unauthorized government and unauthorized Kosovo. I would ask all people of goodwill to put themselves in our situation. It's not just the stance of pensioners but also of healthcare workers and everyone else who, for sixty-plus years, treated Serbs, Roma people, Albanians, and all people of goodwill equally in Kosovo. Let an end be put to this because we are here in our Serbian Holy Land where there is room for all people, as it has been until now. We urge the international community to put an end to this," Lecic said.