Pensioner Snezana Vujovic: I won't have money for medication, I'll be left with just a dry crust of bread

Snežana Vujović
Source: Kosovo Online

Due to the ban on the use of the dinar in Kosovo, the Serbs in Kosovo cannot withdraw their salaries, pensions, or social benefits, which jeopardizes their lives. One of those who will be left without a means of survival if things do not normalize soon is pensioner Snezana Vujovic from Kuzmin, near Kosovo Polje. She suffers from cancer and diabetes, and due to the inability to withdraw her pension, which she used to receive "by hand" from the mail carrier, she fears that she will soon have nothing to buy medicines or necessities to survive.

Seventy-year-old Snezana says she is shaken by the whole situation and is disturbed when she sees lines of single mothers and socially vulnerable people outside the post office, waiting to withdraw their financial support, only to find out there is no money.

"And what about us pensioners? Speaking for myself, but not only for myself... How will I manage? I receive my pension by hand, I am sick, I have cancer... Where should I go if there is no money?" she wonders.

As she suffers from cancer and other related illnesses, she spends at least 10,000 dinars per month on medication and worries about how she will obtain the medications without her pension.

"I use that pension to pay for electricity here; if I don't pay, they will come and cut it off. I pay for water, and all utilities, but where will we get the money from? How can I tell the collector tomorrow, 'I don't have it'? They'll disconnect it right away. What should I do, I don't know, but I would still ask, on behalf of us old folks, that something should be done somehow because it's March 10th when I should receive my pension. I set aside 10,000 just for medications from my pension. The pharmacy won't tell me, 'Well, you didn't get a pension from Kurti, but we'll give you the medication'. No, we have to cover and pay for everything. I have no means. I am appealing and pleading for some minimum to be provided to these people here because we have never asked for a maximum, just the minimum we deserve as living beings, as a people who live here," Vujovic said to Kosovo Online.

She doesn't know, she says, how she will survive the next month if she doesn't receive her pension.

"I don't have it. I receive 30,000, I give 10,000 for medicines, 30 to 35 euros, it depends, I give for electricity, other utilities, water, and garbage. What am I supposed to live off? I'm from Kosovo Polje, I've been living here for 20 years, and I pay for this home, I allocate 50 euros for rent. And then I'm left with a dry crust to eat and maybe I can buy a liter of milk in five days. From what, I don't know," the woman whose life is endangered without money, like all Serbs in Kosovo, speaks with a trembling voice.

Granny Snezana had a message for Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

"He must have a mother, grandmother, someone older, or an aunt... he should look after us. Us, the elderly. To somehow resolve it with their dialogue, because we are citizens of Kosovo, he says, we are citizens of Kosovo, Serbs, Montenegrins, Ashkali... So how are we citizens of Kosovo, what citizens, what class? That interests me. I would kindly ask once again, on behalf of all of us pensioners, who are powerless to go and wait in lines, with no money. To somehow accommodate us, and I remain convinced that perhaps they will have mercy, so to speak, and somehow help this people," Vujovic said.

Despite everything, this resilient woman, who has survived numerous hardships in seven decades, declares that she will not leave Kosovo.

"To Kurti, I would say this too. Let him try... We will slowly, quietly, disappear, and die here, but we will never leave Kosovo and Metohija. We will go to our graves quietly, maybe even because we have no food, because of illness, but we will stay here, in Kosovo and Metohija, we will never leave Kosovo and Metohija, comrade Kurti," Granny Snezana stated.