Petkovic: Kurti is playing with fire not to fuel the wishes of failed politicians from Novi Pazar

Aljbin Kurti i Sulejman Ugljanin
Source: Vlada Kosova

The Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petkovic, warned Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, who hosted SDA leader of Sandzak Sulejman Ugljanin a few days ago in Pristina, not to fuel the wishes of "failed politicians" from Novi Pazar, because he is playing with fire.

"Kurti got it into his head that he is a hero when he unfurls the so-called Sandzak flag, but in fact he is a real girl when he is talking to President Vucic in Brussels. Inveterate separatist Kurti should not fuel the wishes of failed politicians from Novi Pazar, because he does not know how to play with fire", wrote Petkovic on the social network "X".

Two days ago, Kurti hosted Ugljanin and members of his SDA Sandzak in Pristina. During the meeting, Ugljanin presented Kurti with a flag, which Bosniaks consider a symbol of Sandzak, and which they unfurled together in front of photographers.

After the meeting, Kurti said that Ugljana is a man whose "firm views and justice in the vision for the equality of all citizens and nations have always represented a clear political position that should have as much support as possible."

The meeting was also attended by the Albanian deputy in the Serbian Parliament, Shaip Kamberi, and the president of the National Council of Albanians in Serbia, Nevzad Lutfiu, and, as he said, Kurti informed them about the last meetings in Brussels, as part of the dialogue with Serbia, because he claims that they do not have the necessary information about it.

They informed him, he added, about the "discrimination of Albanians and Bosniaks in the 'Presevo valley' and in Sandzak".

As announced by Kurti's office at the time, representatives of Bosniaks in Serbia said that they were not satisfied with the treatment they are receiving.