Petronijevic: There is no basis for initiating proceedings against Radoicic

Goran Petronijević
Source: Kosovo Online

Lawyer Goran Petronijevic, the legal representative of Milan Radoicic, stated to Kosovo Online that, after the former Vice President of the Serb List had given a statement to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia on September 24th regarding the events in Banjska, he believed there was no basis for initiating any proceedings against him.

Petronijevic reminded that Radoicic responded to the call of the state authorities of Serbia yesterday and had given a statement about the events in Banjska, where three Serbs and an Albanian policeman had been killed.

"After the statement Radoicic gave as a civilian, whether some kind of procedure will follow or not, it does not depend on us but on the police and the prosecutor's office. I sincerely hope that it will not come to that because there is no basis for it. They did not go to the territory of another state; they were on the territory of their own state, on the territory of their homes, and municipalities. Therefore, there is no way they can be treated the way members of various organizations from Kosovo and Metohija who went to Macedonia and caused various problems there were treated. These are people who tried to return to their homes, and nothing more," Petronijevic explained.

He once again emphasized that there was no basis for initiating an investigation but, due to pressure on the state of Serbia from all sides, he did not rule that out either.

"However, considering the state of our judiciary, police, and the state itself, the pressure coming from all sides, that cannot be ruled out. Radoicic will be available to state authorities in any case; there will be no problems with that," Petronijevic said.

On behalf of Radoicic, Petronijevic read a public statement on Friday in which the former Vice President of the Serb List stated that he had not informed anyone about his arrival in northern Kosovo on September 24th, including Belgrade, and that he was ready to respond to the call of the relevant authorities. Radoicic stated that he had come to Banjska with his compatriots to encourage the Serbs to resist Kurti's regime and that they were not terrorists but fighters for freedom.