Protest in support of Rados and Dusan in Zvecan: They suffer undeservedly, Europe, do you see the injustice?

Protest u Zvečanu
Source: Kosovo Online

A protest was held today in Zvecan due to the arrest of Dusan Obrenovic and Rados Petrovic, and the gathered citizens demanded their release.

Dusan Obrenovic's lawyer, Predrag Miljkovic, said that his client and Rados Petrovic had been arrested just about 50 meters away from where the citizens gathered, while peacefully expressing dissatisfaction with the imposition of illegitimate mayors in municipalities in northern Kosovo and the presence of Kosovo Police Special Forces.

"Only 50 meters from here, Dusan and Rados were arrested while peacefully protesting and expressing their dissatisfaction. Today, Dusan is being charged with four of the most serious criminal offenses. If he committed those acts, I cannot believe in this justice system. My client is innocent, and I will fight for him with every ounce of my strength," Miljkovic said, presenting evidence of Dusan and Rados' innocence to the gathered crowd.

He reminded everyone that Obrenovic and Petrovic had already been in detention for 16 days and called on the citizens to continue supporting them.

"Please, let's send them our support from here. Dusan only has his sister Selma, and I ask you to show that we are all standing together with Dusan," the lawyer said.

The gathered protesters carried slogans such as: "Freedom for our brothers Rados and Dusan," "We are all Rados and Dusan," "Rados and Dusan suffer unjustly!," "Europe, do you see the injustice against Rados and Dusan?," "Fabricated trials against Rados and Dusan, what does Lajcak say?," "There is no justice for Serbs in Kosovo!," "Freedom for all imprisoned Serbs," "Kurti accuses you, Kurti judges you! Enough is enough!," "Kurti's prison will not break us!"

Dusan Obrenovic and Rados Petrovic were arrested on May 29 during peaceful protests by Serbs in Zvecan due to the entry of Ilir Peci, the newly elected mayor of Zvecan, into the municipal building with the support of the Kosovo police. Peci was appointed to this position after elections in this municipality in northern Kosovo, in which the majority Serbs did not participate.

Ivana Rakic, the director of the organization "Support Me," which organized the protest, said that "this situation sets us back two steps, and our children spend all their time at home."

"More than two weeks ago, our brothers and fellow citizens, Dusan Obrenovic and Rados Petrovic, were arrested. We cannot remain silent against this injustice. You all know that Rados is one of the humane people who contributed to the construction of the center. He is someone who is selfless, humane, and actively participates in actions for the benefit of the community. The difficult situation he is in is the cross he bears, as well as all of us who stand with him. Dusan is our child, and due to strange circumstances, he has experienced an injustice that nobody should ever endure. We all know the ordeal of his life before the arrest. There is no one to heal his wounds. Dusan, child, we send you support and courage because all of this will pass," Rakic stated.