Vucic: Kosovo orchestrated a setup in the UN Security Council, colluding with the USA, Switzerland, and Slovenia

Aleksandar Vučić izjava iz Njujorka
Source: Kosovo Online

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, expressed today in New York that Serbia was faced with a setup in the UN Security Council, which was arranged with the USA, Switzerland, and Slovenia. Despite this, Serbia persevered and demonstrated how a small country can defend its integrity against larger nations because justice is on its side.


Vucic remarked that the Kosovo issue has been resolved for the entire Western hemisphere since 2008, and yet, 16 years later, Serbia continues to fight.

"You saw the setup they created yesterday. It was shocking what they did, they even lied saying those women were present, and you feel sorry when you see raped women, but nobody told you they would do that. Then you realize it was a trap, that you couldn't react. You saw they were not worried; they were cheerful. I wondered, when the session was delayed, what was happening, and then we realized it had been arranged with the Americans, Slovenians, and Swiss. It's hard to say who was more disgusting, the Slovenians or someone else. And then we endured and showed how a small country can fight for integrity and against the big ones, because justice and truth are on our side," he explained.

Vucic reiterated his conviction that what happened yesterday was arranged.

"Now everyone is pretending to be naive. We are convinced that even the head of UNMIK, Ziadeh, knew, and everyone here knew. But, they all pretend they didn't know. What is certain—although Vjosa Osmani said they were members of her cabinet—none of them are on her cabinet list," Vucic stated.

On the Srebrenica resolution: The two greatest powers exert pressure, but Serbia is a serious opponent

In a statement to journalists, Vucic mentioned that the issue of all judgments regarding Srebrenica was resolved much earlier, and thus he does not understand some in Serbia who do not realize that they are now fighting someone else's lost battles and preserving the honor of the Serbian people.

"I had discussions with three presidents, one prime minister of African countries, over the phone. We had two major meetings here, I am proud of the large presence of people from Africa, with 25 African countries, which is about 48 percent of African countries. Then we had a meeting with Latin American and Caribbean countries. This is incorrectly called a briefing; it is a discussion with friends. We tried to explain our position, to explain that Serbia, although a small country and we know we have no chance, and the pressure here is increasing even on countries that were against. There will be a fight until the last day," he emphasized.

Vucic stated that the greatest powers, which submitted the resolution, are now exerting pressure, but they will face a serious opponent in a small country that dared to defend its state.

"Don't issue a collective judgment, because that's exactly what you're doing. It will not contribute to strengthening peace, but to further divisions," Vucic warned.

He reminded that Serbia is ready to participate in condemning those who committed crimes, but it is not ready to accept a political stamp of collective judgment.

"Although we are not mentioned, we all know what it's about and how it will be misused in the future. Our duty is to defend the integrity of the Serbian people," said the President of Serbia.

Vucic emphasized that Serbia is grateful to all the countries that will be on its side, but also added that Serbia's reputation helps the most, and this is often overlooked.

"I spoke with Vassily Nebenzia; Russia will not support, tomorrow I will talk to the representative of China and I am confident that China will help thanks to our iron friendship, but don't underestimate ourselves, which we always do," said Vucic.

He pointed out that there are countries that would not support Russia, but will vote for Serbia.

He admitted that he is skeptical because the pressure on UN member countries is increasing.

He reported that one country was firmly against the Srebrenica resolution, but is under great pressure, so it will be abstaining in the vote.

He added that it is important to show that the majority of countries were against or abstained.

"What can you do… When you grapple with everything from the past, and someone wants to settle scores when it suits them… Whether because of Gaza or Serbia's independent policy… Nobody wants a small one who wants to be free and independent," the President of Serbia concluded.

He also still waits for someone to explain - why the rush.

"When they declared genocide in Rwanda in 2003, all countries agreed with it. They asked all neighboring countries and the African Union came out with that stance. But, they didn't ask us, as a neighboring country. They didn't ask Bosnia and Herzegovina either," said Vucic.

He added that everything was kept hidden from Serbia so that it wouldn't be prepared to respond.

"Our job is to fight for the country and all I care about now are Kosovo and the Srebrenica resolution," said Vucic.

Commenting on the fact that representatives of certain UN member countries, after the Security Council session, attended a celebration with Vjosa Osmani, he listed that there were Americans, Slovenians, Japanese, Swiss…

"It's now hard to determine the position of Mozambique, which is very important to us. It's not easy for the position of Sierra Leone either, which is an extremely friendly country," said Vucic, announcing that he will meet and talk with the president of Sierra Leone in New York tomorrow.

He emphasizes that yesterday's "party" at the UN was slightly spoiled because someone dared to do that.

He stresses that this shows that many countries don't care about the arguments.

"They have their pet and they will push it at all costs," Vucic states.

The most terrible story about the referendum – everyone knows what happened, but everyone caricatures it

Vucic also said that yesterday the most terrible story was about the referendum.

As he says, everyone understands and knows what happened regarding the voting to recall mayors in four municipalities in the north, and the way it is caricatured clearly shows that they do not want to accept the truth and the arguments.

He notices that they talk about Iranian drones on social media and says that at least if they mentioned "Vucic's drones" or "Serbian drones" he would be at least proud of that because he is proud of the production of our defense industry of Serbia.

"What black Iran, but it doesn't matter what the lie is, it's important that they repeat it 10 times, then it circulates through the media, social networks," he said.

Asked what Serbia has if it does not have international public law on its side, Vucic emphasizes that Serbia has international public law and the truth on its side, but it is not possible to say that it is stronger than Germany, Italy, the USA...

He notes that he noticed in New York that certain delegations are very concerned, about 80 countries and adds that some of them will vote against the Srebrenica resolution, but most will be abstained.

"But they are concerned about the lack of inclusiveness, they worry for Serbia, especially because they can't get an answer for why this at this moment. I know the answer, I think I presented it, but they will say that it is not against anyone, that it is a civilizational achievement. Let it go, if it's a civilizational achievement let's adopt next week that the Germans committed genocide in Jasenovac, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, but there is no judgment because you hold it," he said.

He adds that there will be judgments for genocide that the Germans committed also against other peoples, and not only against Jews, Vucic notes that he does not understand how someone does not understand what kind of Pandora's box is opened with this resolution on Srebrenica.

He once again stated that it is important that Serbia and its leadership fight and that they will continue to fight, that they will never give up.

"It is important that no one can knock us down because we are a proud people who care about dignity, who are not genocidal and criminal, who have paid for freedom with their lives, it is important that we will protect our people. I hope we will never fight again, but we will always fight for our freedom. There will be good economic topics in May and June, but I was not elected to be president only when it's nice," Vucic said and thanked the Serbian delegation fighting in New York, but also those who are in the country, who, he says, love it and work on its progress.