Vucic presented five conclusions: Urgent formation of the CSM and withdrawal of Special Forces from the north

Vučić u Raški
Source: Kosovo Online

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, highlighted five conclusions from the meeting with the representatives of the Serbs from Kosovo today.

The Government of Serbia demands an immediate reaction from the EU and other international institutions if the temporary institutions in Pristina do not stop violating the agreement on license plates, as well as that the Community of Serb-majority Municipalities be unconditionally and urgently formed and Special Police units of Pristina be withdrawn from the north.

"So, firstly, to request an urgent reaction from the EU and other bodies and institutions in the world so that the temporary institutions in Pristina immediately stop the violation of the agreement on the license plates, and we ask for nothing more than that Pristina immediately acts on everything agreed in the dialogue. In accordance with that, the Serbian negotiating team is authorized to continue looking for a compromise solution, and in case the compromise solution is rejected, the Serbian side will retaliate with strong political measures. You know how they are, they will say that they are preparing for Lazar, Milos, and the tanks. Because we will too take arbitrary measures against those who have RKS license plates – Vucic said, to which everyone in the hall applauded.

The second request is that the CSM be formed unconditionally and urgently.

"It is an absolute prerequisite for other steps in the dialogue, and a prerequisite for the return of the Serbs to the institutions and for their political activity of any kind," Vucic emphasized.

He pointed out that Prishtina was obliged to form the CSM in accordance with the four agreements from the dialogue, which was part of the implementation act that had been accepted by them in Ohrid.

"Third, Special Police units are illegally located in the north of Kosovo, and they are brutally terrorizing the Serbs. And the representatives of the international community are well aware of this. From today, although I believe without success, we will demand the withdrawal of those units in every place," Vucic said. 

The fourth conclusion is that the state of Serbia will never leave its people in the lurch. He also pointed out that Serbia had not taken part in the decision on the non-participation of the Serb List in the elections, but it would never leave the people in the lurch and would demand that the elections be held after the formation of the CSM.

"Serbia will never go against the Serb List and supports their decision on the elections in the north of Kosovo. If they want Kurti to become the mayor of four municipalities with less than two percent of the votes, they must know that this is not good. We will ask for the elections to be held after the formation of the CSM," President Vucic said.

The fifth conclusion is that the Republic of Serbia will take all legal measures to ensure the rights of the Serbs in Kosovo.

"This also concerns the social survival of our people, we will increase benefits. And finally, these provisions are binding for all members of the Government," Vucic emphasized.

He said that he had had a good conversation with the head of Spanish diplomacy and that he had received firm assurance that Spain would stay on its course and help Serbia as much as it could.

"It is up to us to continue talking, to try to talk in Brussels, and to normalize relations. I am afraid that someone does not want that because if they wanted that, they would not provocate every day," he emphasized.