Xhaferi: Allegations of an assassination attempt on Kurti in Skopje have no basis in reality

Taljat Džaferi i Aljbin Kurti
Source: Twitter

Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, stated that the news about an assassination attempt on Albin Kurti during his recent visit to Skopje 'has no basis in reality'.

"Such information falls within the jurisdiction of state institutions dealing with state security, including the security of the highest office holders. The case was unfortunate because it involved the state public media disseminating information allegedly about the preparation, and staging of a possible assassination. According to the information I have, which has been verified, it has no basis in reality," Xhaferi said in an interview for 'Zivot na Kosovu'.

He emphasized that such threats were often present on social media.

"Almost every day, some individuals post threatening messages. These are matters dealt with by relevant institutions," Xhaferi said.

He pointed out that there was preliminary preparatory communication between the intelligence agencies of Kosovo and North Macedonia, as a rule for preparations whenever there are high-level visits.

"I have information that there was correspondence between the AKI and relevant services in North Macedonia. There was preparatory communication, which is the protocol of work of relevant institutions to prepare a warning that the Prime Minister will remain at the event organized in Skopje, and all measures are taken in accordance with the rules," Xhaferi said.