Dodik: Independence of Republic of Srpska as a response to the Srebrenica resolution

Milorad Dodik
Source: Kosovo Online

The President of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, stated that RS will initiate a process of independence in response to the Srebrenica resolution, as reported by RTRS.

"I am proud of our determination to implement these measures concerning independence," Dodik said at a press conference in Banja Luka, following a meeting of the ruling coalition parties in RS.

He mentioned that the "elite of Bosnian Muslims" gave themselves a "serious auto-goal" with the resolution on Srebrenica.

"The elite of Bosnian Muslims has shattered the entire structure and functioning of the international sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The genocide in Srebrenica did not happen - if it did, there would be no need to constantly impose this topic. Courts have indeed delivered verdicts, but these convictions pertain to individuals, not to the people," Dodik explained.

He points out that from 1992 to 1995, 4,100 Muslims were killed in Srebrenica, yet there is no mention of the 2,500 to 3,500 Serbs who were also killed there.

"Genocide is a fabrication that will tear us apart. They are trying to force us to stay, despite the fact that they slander us. They want to make Srebrenica synonymous with genocide, yet the exact number of victims remains unknown," said Dodik.

He emphasized that Republic of Srpska is stable and capable of defending itself against all attacks.

"There will be no discussions on accepting the so-called Srebrenica resolution. Peaceful division is the only solution for all peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Bosnia and Herzegovina Central Election Commission has usurped powers that belong to the Republic. The election law of Republic of Srpska is in accordance with the Constitution," Dodik stated.

He stressed that Republic of Srpska will respect the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina as long as it is not applied against Republic of Srpska.

"We will do everything through political means, if anyone is provoked in this situation, it is us," Dodik declared.

He stated that when it comes to the Srebrenica resolution, it is about labeling unborn children and an entire people.

Dodik believes that this is not a call for coexistence, but rather a call for an immediate separation, and that a rusty nail has been driven into the coffin called Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He emphasized that the Serbian people have learned that there is no life without freedom, for which they are now fighting, as well as for the future of Republic of Srpska.