The Constitutional Court of Kosovo has rejected the request to suspend the implementation of the CBK regulation on the dinar

Ustavni sud Kosova
Source: Ekonomia Online

The Constitutional Court has rejected a request to suspend the implementation of a regulation by the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) that prohibits the use of the dinar in Kosovo.

The Court unanimously decided to reject the request for an interim measure, namely the suspension of the enforcement of the Central Bank of Kosovo's regulation on the dinar, reports Gazeta Express.

According to explanations provided in the Decision on Inadmissibility, it was established that the euro is the only currency that can be used for conducting cash payment transactions in the payment system in Kosovo.

"The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo is the only monetary authority that can decide on the permitted denominations of the euro currency for circulation in Kosovo," the statement said.

Furthermore, the Central Bank of Kosovo's regulation, which stipulates that only the euro currency be used for payments, came into effect on February 1st of this year.