Euro in Kosovo is not a legal tender, there is no agreement with the European Union

Source: Tanjug

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Petar Petkovic emphasized for RTS that "Bislimi, Kurti, and everyone in Pristina use the euro illegally, and now they dare to say that the dinar is illegal and has no right to be in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija." As a reminder, Kosovo uses the euro "as a de facto currency" since it has no agreements with the European Union.

"No agreement or deal with so-called Kosovo has ever been signed with the European Central Bank or the European Union. So we will open that question separately. Let's see how those who are violators of European norms, standards, and regulations can now abolish the dinar, which is legal in the territory of Kosovo," Petkovic stated.

As stated on the official website of the European Central Bank, "Kosovo is not an EU member but unilaterally adopted the euro in 2002 and has been using it as its de facto currency since then."

"This means that the euro is not a legal tender there but is treated as such by the population," the ECB explains.

The website of the European Commission also states that Kosovo uses the euro "as a de facto currency, as it has no agreements with the European Union."

"This is in line with the older practice of using the German mark, which was previously the de facto currency in these areas," the text adds.

Euro as the official currency outside the European Union

Unlike the euro as a de facto currency, some non-EU members such as Monaco, San Marino, the Vatican, and Andorra officially use the euro, having concluded monetary agreements with the EU, as stated on the European Commission's website.

These agreements give them the right "to produce limited quantities of euro coins with their own design on the national side but not to issue euro banknotes."

In addition, some French overseas territories that are not part of the European Union have also signed agreements with the EU. However, they do not issue their own coins.